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Inside Tips On Air Travel To Europe

Travelling to Europe has never been easier or cheaper than it is today. There are a host of low cost airlines that now make traveling anywhere in Europe affordable for everyone. It is now possible to enjoy a multiple destination holiday in Europe. The availability of cheap flights and railway lines mean that you can travel all over Europe. Knowing where to start your journey is the first of the important tips on air travel to Europe that you will need to know before planning your journey.

Planning Ahead

With a little planning you will find that tips on air travel to Europe are similar to tips for domestic trips such as air travel tips to Hawaii. The cheapest way to get to Europe from North America is to fly into London. However if you are planning on catching a connecting flight from London’s Heathrow airport then rethink your travel plans

One of the common tips on air travel to Europe is that Heathrow is a large and confusing airport. There is a high chance of your baggage getting lost and missing a connection due to the terminals being far apart. Choose to stay on in London for at least a couple of days before catching a flight to your next destination in continental Europe.

Money Saver

If you do decide to take a low cost flight instead of a national carrier to your holiday destination in Europe then you could save a lot of money. There has been a recent explosion of low cost carriers in Europe and this means you could fly to more destinations in Europe.

One of the tips on air travel to Europe is that you will be able to explore smaller cities when flying low cost carriers. You will also have less hassle with delays and cancelled flights. However be prepared for odd travel times if you want to really stretch your dollar.

Travel Agents

For people looking to save money the services of a travel agent may not come to mind at first. Often some of the best deals are available to travel agents only. So while one of the tips on air travel to Europe is to exhaust online options of booking tickets, a visit to the travel agent’s is also a good idea. You can sometimes find better deals; do your research thoroughly before putting down any money. Keep these tips on air travel to Europe in mind when you dream of a European get away.

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