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Having Fun Traveling with an Elderly Parent

In order to have fun traveling with an elderly parent, children need to make sure that all aspects of the trip are planned, with more time being apportioned into the schedule for resting than they would if they were going alone.  Senior vacations can be planned all over the world and in many different venues.  There are ways to travel with an elderly parent to all different countries, even in remote locations, and there are also cruises and other vacation packages that can be utilized to make for a fun vacation for all involved.  The main issues involved when traveling with an elderly parent are those that pertain to the person’s health.

Check with a Doctor

There are several issues that should be checked with a doctor before traveling with an elderly parent on one of these vacations.  The first is to get a thorough health exam done in light of where the senior will be traveling on the trip.  The doctor should be made aware of the plans for the trip so that he can make sure that the senior is current on vaccinations and any medication that might be needed during the course of the trip.  He can also advise the travelers what activities should be avoided and if there is any special clothing or other equipment that is needed to make the trip safer for that senior to go on.

Another health issue that should be checked before traveling with an elderly parent is to see if the health coverage that they have will be able to be used in the locations along the way.  If traveling in the same country as the person lives, the coverage usually applies.  However, if going overseas and the person has an HMO or Medicare plan, these will not cover them in other countries and they will need to get supplemental insurance.  There are travel insurance plans that will give the elderly parent this coverage while they are away so that emergency care and care for illnesses when away will be covered.  There are even plans that will cover preexisting conditions, but they are usually more expensive to buy.

Finally, traveling with an elderly parent usually requires times when they can move around for circulation purposes.  When on the plane or in the car, they should be encouraged to wiggle their toes and move their joints around to make sure they are getting enough circulation in them.

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