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Air Travel Packing Tips: Abiding by the Regulations

Traveling by air has become considerably more complicated since security measures that went into place after 9/11. Current airline regulations have now added even more rules to accommodate the higher cost of travel, such as limiting the number of bags you can check in without a hefty fee. While those who travel frequently on business trips probably have business travel packing tips down pat, the rest of us who fly occasionally for pleasure may be confused about current restrictions. We have the basics in air travel packing tips right here to help you get on your way worry free.

Carry On Restrictions It used to be that the only thing you had to worry about is whether your carry on was the proper size. Now you need to think about what’s inside that regulation-size bag, since there are many items that are tightly restricted. The best air travel packing tips are to be aware of the current restrictions regarding hazardous items and liquids. Currently, the 3-1-1 rule is still in place. This means that you can carry three-ounce bottles of liquids that will fit inside a single one-quart storage bag. Keep all your liquids inside this bag and get ready to pull the bag out for the security check on your travel day.

Number of Bags Travelers didn’t used to have to worry about how many bags they checked in at the airport but today, that is not the case. In an effort to offset higher travel costs, airlines are now charging for checked bags. This policy varies from airline to airline, so the best air travel packing tips are to check with your airline just prior to your trip to see what the current restrictions are. Most air travel packing tips provide information about how to travel with a single bag, which helps you abide by current regulations and provides for an easier travel experience at the same time.

Weight of Bags Most airlines will charge if a checked bag weighs more than 50 pounds, so it is important to pack as light as possible if you are going to check bags in at the airline counter. Unfortunately, most airlines do not provide scales to weigh your bags until you get to the front of the check-in line, and by then it’s really too late to find out your bag is 10 pounds over. The best air travel packing tips are to pack the lightest items possible in your checked bag, if you must check one at all, and avoid extra shoes and other heavy items like the plague. Weigh your bag before you leave home to ensure it is within the guidelines.

Air travel packing tips can make a world of difference in how pleasant and easy your traveling days can be. Educate yourself on the most current air travel restrictions and you will be flying high!

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