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Additional China Vacation Traveling Tips and Considerations

The grandeur and historical allure of traveling to China has attracted more than 130 million international visitors to this country last year. This popularity has not waned a bit and people still plan of going to this magical place and enjoy the sights and sounds they have only previously known or heard in books and TV shows.

In this regard, several China vacation traveling tips were written in various websites as well as on offline media, giving traveling information and guidance to would-be visitors. However, most of these China vacation traveling tips are focused on hotel arrangements and attraction itineraries or to provide tips for China travel with children. There are still other considerations that travelers should attend to and make their journey as hassle-free as possible.

The following are additional China vacation traveling tips that would give travelers additional insight to guide them during their travel arrangements and journey preparations.

Visa and other Visiting Procedures

A visa is required to enter China and foreign travelers should apply for one at an authorized office or organization by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is probably the most important China vacation traveling tips that would-be visitors should know before even buying that plane ticket.

If you are planning to travel with a group, a group tourist visa would be sufficient for you and can be handled by an authorized travel agency. You can also check if your country has special visa agreements with China, which includes visa exemptions if entering as tourist groups.

Other important China vacation traveling tips include special requirements if you want to enter Tibet, which require an approval from the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Tourism Administration before even applying for a visa. A visit to Hong Kong as a tourist on the other hand does not require a visa as long as you do not exceed 90 days stay.

Custom Regulations on Entries and Exits

Important China vacation traveling tips include entry procedures wherein the traveler is required to accomplish a baggage declaration form, which will be submitted to customs upon entry and the copy shown during exit. Personal items are duty free while some items and electronics for personal use should not be sold and be brought out of China when you leave.

Gifts to friends and relatives in China should be declared upon entry and several prohibited items should not be brought in. Other important China vacation traveling tips include information about foreign currency that can be brought in without limits, however the Chinese currency called Ren Min Bi (RMB) or what is popularly known as Yuan can only be brought in as traveler’s checks and not in cash.

During your exit, one of the most important China vacation traveling tips you should consider and remember would be the need to present your baggage declaration form for inspection by Customs, unless you are traveling by ship. Items which you purchased while inside the country should have receipts inspected by a Customs inspector, or a local Friendship Store if you happen to buy an item in a city or town with no Customs Office.

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